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Taekwon-do Program

A TaeKwon-Do Program that welcomes students with all abilities and cultural backgrounds!

  • We practice ITF-style (Chang Hon)  Taekwon-Do

  • We celebrate and cherish students with all backgrounds. We believe diversity makes us stronger together!

  • We are now offering classes in Parker, CO on Saturdays and Thursdays (starting in August)

Theatre Arts

Theatre to the Infinite Power (TIP)

  • Theatre courses for diverse youth

  • Theatre summer camp

  • RoweLin Foundation offers summer camps for a diverse youth population including those with with special needs.

  • Lengths: two weeks, 10 days, 3hours/ day

  • Theatre Camp 1: Story and Creative Drama (Ages: 6-8 )

  • Theatre camp 2: Storytelling Theatre (Age 10-12 )

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