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To promote health, fitness and, more importantly, self-esteem to our youth with special needs through Martial Arts and Theatre Education


Self Defense Programs

Theatre Arts

Theatre to the Infinite Power (TIP)

Mission and Vision

To foster youths in developing leadership, collaboration skills, imagination and creativity ,and most importantly, the power to change the world.


Theatre Program at RoweLin Foundation aims to empower youths with diverse background ( including youth with special needs) through the collective and creative aspects of theatre. The theatre program offers theatre classes and summer camps for young people and workshops for teachers and social workers.


  • Theatre Courses for Diverse Youths

  • Theatre summer camp

  • RoweLin Foundation offers summer camp for diverse youths including youths with special needs.

  • Lengths: two weeks, 10 days, 3hours/ day

  • Theatre Camp 1: Story and Creative Drama (Ages: 6-8 )

  • Theatre camp 2: Storytelling Theatre (Age 10-12 )

Mission and Vision

To promote self confidence to students with physical and intellectual challenges.


Our Self Defense Program is designed to give our students  the ability to recognize possible bad situations and to diffuse them before they become physical.  Our Self Defense Program is designed to be used  quickly and in a non agressive manner.

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